Monday, July 13, 2009

You Know Your'e A Douche Bag When....

Check your douchebag status! You're a douche if...

You wear your collar up
You check out anything that has a vag
You have tribal tattoos around your veiny muscles
You upload your pictures at clubs on photobucket
You have both your nips and belly button pierced
You own more hair products than your girlfriend
You eat rice cakes
You think running over stuff in your lame F-150 is cool
You watch "Greys Anatomy"
You use tanning beds
You have Playboy shot glasses
You practice your camera poses in the mirror
You own a polo shirt in pink
Your name is George Bush or Kanye West

Your phone is a Sidekick
You auditioned to be on "Fear Factor"
Your mom does your laundry
You put gel in your hair before you go to the beach
You know when Abercrombie gets their new shipments in
You own the "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs
You wear chokers. Or puka shells
You take shirtless pictures of yourself with your cell
You have a sticker across your windshield
You own a head band

Does this sounds like you or someone you know? There is help. Call the Douche Bag Hotline today to find out more!


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