Tuesday, July 14, 2009


They say it takes 30 something days to break a bad habit..... with these secret obsessions of mine, its gonna take a tranquilizer and a straight jacket for me to stop....

10. Plucking my chin hairs. I know I'm not supposed to cause they will just grow back thicker, but Its so fun! I own a different pair of tweezers for every chin hair type. I swear I'm not a man!

9. Douche Bag Vh-1 shows. The ones where you can only be on them if you wear Ed Hardy. I love Daisy, Charm School, Rock of Love, Tool Academy, and I cant wait for Megan Wants to Be a Millionaire!!!! There! I said it!

8. Texting. Texting while driving. Texting while shitting. Texting while on a date. Texting while doing the dishes. Texting while praying. Texting while cleaning cat shit. Texting while getting arrested. Texting while typing this blog. Texting while getting dumped. Texting while swimming
. Texting while texting.

7. Doritos. I want to own the original Doritos bags, remember the packaging back in the day? I love Doritos. Doritos at 7am. Doritos with chocolate. Doritos in a blender on ice. I threw up Doritos yesterday along with my orange soda and ate more after. I heart Doritos.
6. My animals. Its normal to be obsessed with animals but I'm over the top when it comes to my pets. This morning I realized that I end up sleeping sideways every night because I have a huge Husky next to me, a cat on the other side and another cat at my feet. I give them bottled water because I think tap isn't good enough. I kiss each of them three times if I leave for even 10 minutes. My cat has a Facebook.

5. Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream. I'm lactose intolerant. Nuff said.

4. Target. Ill go to Target and purposely forget something just so I have to go back later. I joined the Target Baby Club just to get a 10 percent off coupon. I have a map of California with thumbtacks over all the Targets I have been to. Okay not really, but I want to. Target equals happiness.

3. Popping other peoples back pimples. Don't judge if you have never tried it. Its therapeutic. Pimples, white heads, black heads, anything. 10 points if I squeeze one and a hair comes out.

2. Google. I have Googled everything from "how to get ciggerate burns out of your bath tub" to "is Washington DC in the USA." And it always comes through! Google doesnt judge you, its always there for you, and wont tell anyone you were wondering how to get that boil off your ass. Gooooooo Google!

1. My boyfriend. Im obsessed. I have been with him 2 years and I cry when we cant see each other. I still take 4 hours to get ready for our dates and I still get nervous! I counted the moles on this body (he has 109) . Boo whoo.

My secrets are out! Whats your secret obsession? Don't be shy!


  1. i'm with you on 6, 4, 2 and part of 1 :)

  2. ditto on numbers 10, 7, 5, 3, and 2...yeah!