Monday, July 13, 2009

List O Lame!

Jam's List of things that are LAME

The movie "Bruno"
My 30 something year old brother eating all of my guacamole
My 30 something year old brother asking me for money
Puking up orange soda and Doritos in a garbage can with holes in it
Flat, frizzy hair
Guys that think "Heeey sexy" will really get you to stop
Locking yourself out of the bathroom
Tanning in the backyard and realizing your laying in dog shit
Ants in your bed because your dog buried pizza under the pillows
Ants in your bed that are crawling way too close to your crotch
Vasco Road
The garbage man throwing away your garbage can on accident
Jukeboxes that eat your last 2 dollars
Pregnant skinny girls
When all these things happen in one weekend

1 comment:

  1. good list. i hate pregnant girls in general. hahaaa. don't tell.