Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reasons you shouldn't eat animals:

A) Would you eat your dog? Cat? Sick
B) would you eat a human? Yum human meat rocks! Sick.
C) the USDA doesn't put those little stickers on the meat you buy at the grocery store that say 'USDA approved.' Farmers do. Do you think they care what you eat? No. They want money. There have been many reports of farmers throwing in other animals that DON'T belong. Dog, anyone?
D) go on youtube and watch how they kill chickens, cows, whatever. Maybe you won't care that they torture the fuck out of them, but you might care that they eat their own shit or are diseased.
E) race horses that are old are slaughtered then packaged with ground beef. Google it.
F) if you can't kill it, skin it and slice it open yourself, you probably shouldn't eat it.


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